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Shows the number of different IRQs received by the kernel. High disk or network traffic can cause a high number of interrupts (with good hardware and drivers this will be less so). Sudden high interrupt activity with no associated higher system activity is not normal.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
2-edge timer i0 derive     Interrupt 0, for device(s): 2-edge timer
8-edge rtc0 i8 derive     Interrupt 8, for device(s): 8-edge rtc0
9-fasteoi acpi i9 derive     Interrupt 9, for device(s): 9-fasteoi acpi
16-fasteoi ehci_hcd:usb1 i16 derive     Interrupt 16, for device(s): 16-fasteoi ehci_hcd:usb1
18-fasteoi i801_smbus i18 derive     Interrupt 18, for device(s): 18-fasteoi i801_smbus
23-fasteoi ehci_hcd:usb2 i23 derive     Interrupt 23, for device(s): 23-fasteoi ehci_hcd:usb2
3145728-edge eno1 i38 derive     Interrupt 38, for device(s): 3145728-edge eno1
3145729-edge eno1-TxRx-0 i39 derive     Interrupt 39, for device(s): 3145729-edge eno1-TxRx-0
3145730-edge eno1-TxRx-1 i40 derive     Interrupt 40, for device(s): 3145730-edge eno1-TxRx-1
3145731-edge eno1-TxRx-2 i41 derive     Interrupt 41, for device(s): 3145731-edge eno1-TxRx-2
3145732-edge eno1-TxRx-3 i42 derive     Interrupt 42, for device(s): 3145732-edge eno1-TxRx-3
3145733-edge eno1-TxRx-4 i43 derive     Interrupt 43, for device(s): 3145733-edge eno1-TxRx-4
3145734-edge eno1-TxRx-5 i44 derive     Interrupt 44, for device(s): 3145734-edge eno1-TxRx-5
3145735-edge eno1-TxRx-6 i45 derive     Interrupt 45, for device(s): 3145735-edge eno1-TxRx-6
3145736-edge eno1-TxRx-7 i46 derive     Interrupt 46, for device(s): 3145736-edge eno1-TxRx-7
68681728-edge ahci[0000:83:00.0] i49 derive     Interrupt 49, for device(s): 68681728-edge ahci[0000:83:00.0]
2621440-edge nvme0q0 i50 derive     Interrupt 50, for device(s): 2621440-edge nvme0q0
67633152-edge nvme1q0 i51 derive     Interrupt 51, for device(s): 67633152-edge nvme1q0
67633153-edge nvme1q1 i52 derive     Interrupt 52, for device(s): 67633153-edge nvme1q1
67633154-edge nvme1q2 i53 derive     Interrupt 53, for device(s): 67633154-edge nvme1q2
67633155-edge nvme1q3 i54 derive     Interrupt 54, for device(s): 67633155-edge nvme1q3
67633156-edge nvme1q4 i55 derive     Interrupt 55, for device(s): 67633156-edge nvme1q4
67633157-edge nvme1q5 i56 derive     Interrupt 56, for device(s): 67633157-edge nvme1q5
67633158-edge nvme1q6 i57 derive     Interrupt 57, for device(s): 67633158-edge nvme1q6
67633159-edge nvme1q7 i58 derive     Interrupt 58, for device(s): 67633159-edge nvme1q7
67633160-edge nvme1q8 i59 derive     Interrupt 59, for device(s): 67633160-edge nvme1q8
67633161-edge nvme1q9 i60 derive     Interrupt 60, for device(s): 67633161-edge nvme1q9
67633162-edge nvme1q10 i61 derive     Interrupt 61, for device(s): 67633162-edge nvme1q10
67633163-edge nvme1q11 i62 derive     Interrupt 62, for device(s): 67633163-edge nvme1q11
67633164-edge nvme1q12 i63 derive     Interrupt 63, for device(s): 67633164-edge nvme1q12
67633165-edge nvme1q13 i64 derive     Interrupt 64, for device(s): 67633165-edge nvme1q13
67633166-edge nvme1q14 i65 derive     Interrupt 65, for device(s): 67633166-edge nvme1q14
67633167-edge nvme1q15 i66 derive     Interrupt 66, for device(s): 67633167-edge nvme1q15
67633168-edge nvme1q16 i67 derive     Interrupt 67, for device(s): 67633168-edge nvme1q16
2621441-edge nvme0q1 i68 derive     Interrupt 68, for device(s): 2621441-edge nvme0q1
2621442-edge nvme0q2 i69 derive     Interrupt 69, for device(s): 2621442-edge nvme0q2
2621443-edge nvme0q3 i70 derive     Interrupt 70, for device(s): 2621443-edge nvme0q3
2621444-edge nvme0q4 i71 derive     Interrupt 71, for device(s): 2621444-edge nvme0q4
0-edge dmar0 i72 derive     Interrupt 72, for device(s): 0-edge dmar0
1-edge dmar1 i73 derive     Interrupt 73, for device(s): 1-edge dmar1
2621445-edge nvme0q5 i74 derive     Interrupt 74, for device(s): 2621445-edge nvme0q5
2621446-edge nvme0q6 i75 derive     Interrupt 75, for device(s): 2621446-edge nvme0q6
2621447-edge nvme0q7 i76 derive     Interrupt 76, for device(s): 2621447-edge nvme0q7
2621448-edge nvme0q8 i77 derive     Interrupt 77, for device(s): 2621448-edge nvme0q8
3147776-edge eno2 i79 derive     Interrupt 79, for device(s): 3147776-edge eno2
3147777-edge eno2-TxRx-0 i80 derive     Interrupt 80, for device(s): 3147777-edge eno2-TxRx-0
3147778-edge eno2-TxRx-1 i81 derive     Interrupt 81, for device(s): 3147778-edge eno2-TxRx-1
3147779-edge eno2-TxRx-2 i82 derive     Interrupt 82, for device(s): 3147779-edge eno2-TxRx-2
3147780-edge eno2-TxRx-3 i83 derive     Interrupt 83, for device(s): 3147780-edge eno2-TxRx-3
3147781-edge eno2-TxRx-4 i84 derive     Interrupt 84, for device(s): 3147781-edge eno2-TxRx-4
3147782-edge eno2-TxRx-5 i85 derive     Interrupt 85, for device(s): 3147782-edge eno2-TxRx-5
3147783-edge eno2-TxRx-6 i86 derive     Interrupt 86, for device(s): 3147783-edge eno2-TxRx-6
3147784-edge eno2-TxRx-7 i87 derive     Interrupt 87, for device(s): 3147784-edge eno2-TxRx-7
2097152-edge mpt2sas0-msix0 i88 derive     Interrupt 88, for device(s): 2097152-edge mpt2sas0-msix0
2097153-edge mpt2sas0-msix1 i89 derive     Interrupt 89, for device(s): 2097153-edge mpt2sas0-msix1
2097154-edge mpt2sas0-msix2 i90 derive     Interrupt 90, for device(s): 2097154-edge mpt2sas0-msix2
2097155-edge mpt2sas0-msix3 i91 derive     Interrupt 91, for device(s): 2097155-edge mpt2sas0-msix3
2097156-edge mpt2sas0-msix4 i92 derive     Interrupt 92, for device(s): 2097156-edge mpt2sas0-msix4
2097157-edge mpt2sas0-msix5 i93 derive     Interrupt 93, for device(s): 2097157-edge mpt2sas0-msix5
2097158-edge mpt2sas0-msix6 i94 derive     Interrupt 94, for device(s): 2097158-edge mpt2sas0-msix6
2097159-edge mpt2sas0-msix7 i95 derive     Interrupt 95, for device(s): 2097159-edge mpt2sas0-msix7
3149824-edge eno3 i97 derive     Interrupt 97, for device(s): 3149824-edge eno3
3149825-edge eno3-TxRx-0 i98 derive     Interrupt 98, for device(s): 3149825-edge eno3-TxRx-0
3149826-edge eno3-TxRx-1 i99 derive     Interrupt 99, for device(s): 3149826-edge eno3-TxRx-1
3149827-edge eno3-TxRx-2 i100 derive     Interrupt 100, for device(s): 3149827-edge eno3-TxRx-2
3149828-edge eno3-TxRx-3 i101 derive     Interrupt 101, for device(s): 3149828-edge eno3-TxRx-3
3149829-edge eno3-TxRx-4 i102 derive     Interrupt 102, for device(s): 3149829-edge eno3-TxRx-4
3149830-edge eno3-TxRx-5 i103 derive     Interrupt 103, for device(s): 3149830-edge eno3-TxRx-5
3149831-edge eno3-TxRx-6 i104 derive     Interrupt 104, for device(s): 3149831-edge eno3-TxRx-6
3149832-edge eno3-TxRx-7 i105 derive     Interrupt 105, for device(s): 3149832-edge eno3-TxRx-7
3151872-edge eno4 i157 derive     Interrupt 157, for device(s): 3151872-edge eno4
3151873-edge eno4-TxRx-0 i158 derive     Interrupt 158, for device(s): 3151873-edge eno4-TxRx-0
3151874-edge eno4-TxRx-1 i159 derive     Interrupt 159, for device(s): 3151874-edge eno4-TxRx-1
3151875-edge eno4-TxRx-2 i160 derive     Interrupt 160, for device(s): 3151875-edge eno4-TxRx-2
3151876-edge eno4-TxRx-3 i161 derive     Interrupt 161, for device(s): 3151876-edge eno4-TxRx-3
3151877-edge eno4-TxRx-4 i162 derive     Interrupt 162, for device(s): 3151877-edge eno4-TxRx-4
3151878-edge eno4-TxRx-5 i163 derive     Interrupt 163, for device(s): 3151878-edge eno4-TxRx-5
3151879-edge eno4-TxRx-6 i164 derive     Interrupt 164, for device(s): 3151879-edge eno4-TxRx-6
3151880-edge eno4-TxRx-7 i165 derive     Interrupt 165, for device(s): 3151880-edge eno4-TxRx-7
526336-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-0 i166 derive     Interrupt 166, for device(s): 526336-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-0
526337-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-1 i167 derive     Interrupt 167, for device(s): 526337-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-1
526338-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-2 i168 derive     Interrupt 168, for device(s): 526338-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-2
526339-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-3 i169 derive     Interrupt 169, for device(s): 526339-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-3
526340-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-4 i170 derive     Interrupt 170, for device(s): 526340-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-4
526341-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-5 i171 derive     Interrupt 171, for device(s): 526341-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-5
526342-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-6 i172 derive     Interrupt 172, for device(s): 526342-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-6
526343-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-7 i173 derive     Interrupt 173, for device(s): 526343-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-7
526344-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-8 i174 derive     Interrupt 174, for device(s): 526344-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-8
526345-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-9 i175 derive     Interrupt 175, for device(s): 526345-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-9
526346-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-10 i176 derive     Interrupt 176, for device(s): 526346-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-10
526347-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-11 i177 derive     Interrupt 177, for device(s): 526347-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-11
526348-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-12 i178 derive     Interrupt 178, for device(s): 526348-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-12
526349-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-13 i179 derive     Interrupt 179, for device(s): 526349-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-13
526350-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-14 i180 derive     Interrupt 180, for device(s): 526350-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-14
526351-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-15 i181 derive     Interrupt 181, for device(s): 526351-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-15
526352-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-16 i182 derive     Interrupt 182, for device(s): 526352-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-16
526353-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-17 i183 derive     Interrupt 183, for device(s): 526353-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-17
526354-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-18 i184 derive     Interrupt 184, for device(s): 526354-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-18
526355-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-19 i185 derive     Interrupt 185, for device(s): 526355-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-19
526356-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-20 i186 derive     Interrupt 186, for device(s): 526356-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-20
526357-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-21 i187 derive     Interrupt 187, for device(s): 526357-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-21
526358-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-22 i188 derive     Interrupt 188, for device(s): 526358-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-22
526359-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-23 i189 derive     Interrupt 189, for device(s): 526359-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-23
526360-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-24 i190 derive     Interrupt 190, for device(s): 526360-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-24
526361-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-25 i191 derive     Interrupt 191, for device(s): 526361-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-25
526362-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-26 i192 derive     Interrupt 192, for device(s): 526362-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-26
526363-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-27 i193 derive     Interrupt 193, for device(s): 526363-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-27
526364-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-28 i194 derive     Interrupt 194, for device(s): 526364-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-28
526365-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-29 i195 derive     Interrupt 195, for device(s): 526365-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-29
526366-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-30 i196 derive     Interrupt 196, for device(s): 526366-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-30
526367-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-31 i197 derive     Interrupt 197, for device(s): 526367-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-31
526368-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-32 i198 derive     Interrupt 198, for device(s): 526368-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-32
526369-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-33 i199 derive     Interrupt 199, for device(s): 526369-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-33
526370-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-34 i200 derive     Interrupt 200, for device(s): 526370-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-34
526371-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-35 i201 derive     Interrupt 201, for device(s): 526371-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-35
526372-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-36 i202 derive     Interrupt 202, for device(s): 526372-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-36
526373-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-37 i203 derive     Interrupt 203, for device(s): 526373-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-37
526374-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-38 i204 derive     Interrupt 204, for device(s): 526374-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-38
526375-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-39 i205 derive     Interrupt 205, for device(s): 526375-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-39
526376-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-40 i206 derive     Interrupt 206, for device(s): 526376-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-40
526377-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-41 i207 derive     Interrupt 207, for device(s): 526377-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-41
526378-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-42 i208 derive     Interrupt 208, for device(s): 526378-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-42
526379-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-43 i209 derive     Interrupt 209, for device(s): 526379-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-43
526380-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-44 i210 derive     Interrupt 210, for device(s): 526380-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-44
526381-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-45 i211 derive     Interrupt 211, for device(s): 526381-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-45
526382-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-46 i212 derive     Interrupt 212, for device(s): 526382-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-46
526383-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-47 i213 derive     Interrupt 213, for device(s): 526383-edge enp1s0f1-TxRx-47
526384-edge enp1s0f1 i214 derive     Interrupt 214, for device(s): 526384-edge enp1s0f1
68157440-edge mlx4-async@pci:0000:82:00.0 i215 derive     Interrupt 215, for device(s): 68157440-edge mlx4-async@pci:0000:82:00.0
68157441-edge mlx4-1@0000:82:00.0 i216 derive     Interrupt 216, for device(s): 68157441-edge mlx4-1@0000:82:00.0
68157442-edge mlx4-2@0000:82:00.0 i217 derive     Interrupt 217, for device(s): 68157442-edge mlx4-2@0000:82:00.0
68157443-edge mlx4-3@0000:82:00.0 i218 derive     Interrupt 218, for device(s): 68157443-edge mlx4-3@0000:82:00.0
68157444-edge mlx4-4@0000:82:00.0 i219 derive     Interrupt 219, for device(s): 68157444-edge mlx4-4@0000:82:00.0
68157445-edge mlx4-5@0000:82:00.0 i220 derive     Interrupt 220, for device(s): 68157445-edge mlx4-5@0000:82:00.0
68157446-edge mlx4-6@0000:82:00.0 i221 derive     Interrupt 221, for device(s): 68157446-edge mlx4-6@0000:82:00.0
68157447-edge mlx4-7@0000:82:00.0 i222 derive     Interrupt 222, for device(s): 68157447-edge mlx4-7@0000:82:00.0
68157448-edge mlx4-8@0000:82:00.0 i223 derive     Interrupt 223, for device(s): 68157448-edge mlx4-8@0000:82:00.0
68157449-edge mlx4-9@0000:82:00.0 i224 derive     Interrupt 224, for device(s): 68157449-edge mlx4-9@0000:82:00.0
68157450-edge mlx4-10@0000:82:00.0 i225 derive     Interrupt 225, for device(s): 68157450-edge mlx4-10@0000:82:00.0
68157451-edge mlx4-11@0000:82:00.0 i226 derive     Interrupt 226, for device(s): 68157451-edge mlx4-11@0000:82:00.0
68157452-edge mlx4-12@0000:82:00.0 i227 derive     Interrupt 227, for device(s): 68157452-edge mlx4-12@0000:82:00.0
68157453-edge mlx4-13@0000:82:00.0 i228 derive     Interrupt 228, for device(s): 68157453-edge mlx4-13@0000:82:00.0
68157454-edge mlx4-14@0000:82:00.0 i229 derive     Interrupt 229, for device(s): 68157454-edge mlx4-14@0000:82:00.0
68157455-edge mlx4-15@0000:82:00.0 i230 derive     Interrupt 230, for device(s): 68157455-edge mlx4-15@0000:82:00.0
68157456-edge mlx4-16@0000:82:00.0 i231 derive     Interrupt 231, for device(s): 68157456-edge mlx4-16@0000:82:00.0
68157457-edge mlx4-17@0000:82:00.0 i232 derive     Interrupt 232, for device(s): 68157457-edge mlx4-17@0000:82:00.0
68157458-edge mlx4-18@0000:82:00.0 i233 derive     Interrupt 233, for device(s): 68157458-edge mlx4-18@0000:82:00.0
68157459-edge mlx4-19@0000:82:00.0 i234 derive     Interrupt 234, for device(s): 68157459-edge mlx4-19@0000:82:00.0
68157460-edge mlx4-20@0000:82:00.0 i235 derive     Interrupt 235, for device(s): 68157460-edge mlx4-20@0000:82:00.0
68157461-edge mlx4-21@0000:82:00.0 i236 derive     Interrupt 236, for device(s): 68157461-edge mlx4-21@0000:82:00.0
68157462-edge mlx4-22@0000:82:00.0 i237 derive     Interrupt 237, for device(s): 68157462-edge mlx4-22@0000:82:00.0
68157463-edge mlx4-23@0000:82:00.0 i238 derive     Interrupt 238, for device(s): 68157463-edge mlx4-23@0000:82:00.0
68157464-edge mlx4-24@0000:82:00.0 i239 derive     Interrupt 239, for device(s): 68157464-edge mlx4-24@0000:82:00.0
68157465-edge mlx4-25@0000:82:00.0 i240 derive     Interrupt 240, for device(s): 68157465-edge mlx4-25@0000:82:00.0
68157466-edge mlx4-26@0000:82:00.0 i241 derive     Interrupt 241, for device(s): 68157466-edge mlx4-26@0000:82:00.0
68157467-edge mlx4-27@0000:82:00.0 i242 derive     Interrupt 242, for device(s): 68157467-edge mlx4-27@0000:82:00.0
68157468-edge mlx4-28@0000:82:00.0 i243 derive     Interrupt 243, for device(s): 68157468-edge mlx4-28@0000:82:00.0
68157469-edge mlx4-29@0000:82:00.0 i244 derive     Interrupt 244, for device(s): 68157469-edge mlx4-29@0000:82:00.0
68157470-edge mlx4-30@0000:82:00.0 i245 derive     Interrupt 245, for device(s): 68157470-edge mlx4-30@0000:82:00.0
68157471-edge mlx4-31@0000:82:00.0 i246 derive     Interrupt 246, for device(s): 68157471-edge mlx4-31@0000:82:00.0
68157472-edge mlx4-32@0000:82:00.0 i247 derive     Interrupt 247, for device(s): 68157472-edge mlx4-32@0000:82:00.0
68157473-edge mlx4-33@0000:82:00.0 i248 derive     Interrupt 248, for device(s): 68157473-edge mlx4-33@0000:82:00.0
68157474-edge mlx4-34@0000:82:00.0 i249 derive     Interrupt 249, for device(s): 68157474-edge mlx4-34@0000:82:00.0
68157475-edge mlx4-35@0000:82:00.0 i250 derive     Interrupt 250, for device(s): 68157475-edge mlx4-35@0000:82:00.0
68157476-edge mlx4-36@0000:82:00.0 i251 derive     Interrupt 251, for device(s): 68157476-edge mlx4-36@0000:82:00.0
68157477-edge mlx4-37@0000:82:00.0 i252 derive     Interrupt 252, for device(s): 68157477-edge mlx4-37@0000:82:00.0
68157478-edge mlx4-38@0000:82:00.0 i253 derive     Interrupt 253, for device(s): 68157478-edge mlx4-38@0000:82:00.0
68157479-edge mlx4-39@0000:82:00.0 i254 derive     Interrupt 254, for device(s): 68157479-edge mlx4-39@0000:82:00.0
68157480-edge mlx4-40@0000:82:00.0 i255 derive     Interrupt 255, for device(s): 68157480-edge mlx4-40@0000:82:00.0
68157481-edge mlx4-41@0000:82:00.0 i256 derive     Interrupt 256, for device(s): 68157481-edge mlx4-41@0000:82:00.0
68157482-edge mlx4-42@0000:82:00.0 i257 derive     Interrupt 257, for device(s): 68157482-edge mlx4-42@0000:82:00.0
68157483-edge mlx4-43@0000:82:00.0 i258 derive     Interrupt 258, for device(s): 68157483-edge mlx4-43@0000:82:00.0
68157484-edge mlx4-44@0000:82:00.0 i259 derive     Interrupt 259, for device(s): 68157484-edge mlx4-44@0000:82:00.0
68157485-edge mlx4-45@0000:82:00.0 i260 derive     Interrupt 260, for device(s): 68157485-edge mlx4-45@0000:82:00.0
68157486-edge mlx4-46@0000:82:00.0 i261 derive     Interrupt 261, for device(s): 68157486-edge mlx4-46@0000:82:00.0
68157487-edge mlx4-47@0000:82:00.0 i262 derive     Interrupt 262, for device(s): 68157487-edge mlx4-47@0000:82:00.0
68157488-edge mlx4-48@0000:82:00.0 i263 derive     Interrupt 263, for device(s): 68157488-edge mlx4-48@0000:82:00.0
68157489-edge mlx4-49@0000:82:00.0 i264 derive     Interrupt 264, for device(s): 68157489-edge mlx4-49@0000:82:00.0
68157490-edge mlx4-50@0000:82:00.0 i265 derive     Interrupt 265, for device(s): 68157490-edge mlx4-50@0000:82:00.0
68157491-edge mlx4-51@0000:82:00.0 i266 derive     Interrupt 266, for device(s): 68157491-edge mlx4-51@0000:82:00.0
68157492-edge mlx4-52@0000:82:00.0 i267 derive     Interrupt 267, for device(s): 68157492-edge mlx4-52@0000:82:00.0
68157493-edge mlx4-53@0000:82:00.0 i268 derive     Interrupt 268, for device(s): 68157493-edge mlx4-53@0000:82:00.0
68157494-edge mlx4-54@0000:82:00.0 i269 derive     Interrupt 269, for device(s): 68157494-edge mlx4-54@0000:82:00.0
68157495-edge mlx4-55@0000:82:00.0 i270 derive     Interrupt 270, for device(s): 68157495-edge mlx4-55@0000:82:00.0
68157496-edge mlx4-56@0000:82:00.0 i271 derive     Interrupt 271, for device(s): 68157496-edge mlx4-56@0000:82:00.0
68157497-edge mlx4-57@0000:82:00.0 i272 derive     Interrupt 272, for device(s): 68157497-edge mlx4-57@0000:82:00.0
68157498-edge mlx4-58@0000:82:00.0 i273 derive     Interrupt 273, for device(s): 68157498-edge mlx4-58@0000:82:00.0
68157499-edge mlx4-59@0000:82:00.0 i274 derive     Interrupt 274, for device(s): 68157499-edge mlx4-59@0000:82:00.0
68157500-edge mlx4-60@0000:82:00.0 i275 derive     Interrupt 275, for device(s): 68157500-edge mlx4-60@0000:82:00.0
68157501-edge mlx4-61@0000:82:00.0 i276 derive     Interrupt 276, for device(s): 68157501-edge mlx4-61@0000:82:00.0
68157502-edge mlx4-62@0000:82:00.0 i277 derive     Interrupt 277, for device(s): 68157502-edge mlx4-62@0000:82:00.0
68157503-edge mlx4-63@0000:82:00.0 i278 derive     Interrupt 278, for device(s): 68157503-edge mlx4-63@0000:82:00.0
68157504-edge mlx4-64@0000:82:00.0 i279 derive     Interrupt 279, for device(s): 68157504-edge mlx4-64@0000:82:00.0
68157505-edge mlx4-65@0000:82:00.0 i280 derive     Interrupt 280, for device(s): 68157505-edge mlx4-65@0000:82:00.0
68157506-edge mlx4-66@0000:82:00.0 i281 derive     Interrupt 281, for device(s): 68157506-edge mlx4-66@0000:82:00.0
68157507-edge mlx4-67@0000:82:00.0 i282 derive     Interrupt 282, for device(s): 68157507-edge mlx4-67@0000:82:00.0
68157508-edge mlx4-68@0000:82:00.0 i283 derive     Interrupt 283, for device(s): 68157508-edge mlx4-68@0000:82:00.0
68157509-edge mlx4-69@0000:82:00.0 i284 derive     Interrupt 284, for device(s): 68157509-edge mlx4-69@0000:82:00.0
68157510-edge mlx4-70@0000:82:00.0 i285 derive     Interrupt 285, for device(s): 68157510-edge mlx4-70@0000:82:00.0
68157511-edge mlx4-71@0000:82:00.0 i286 derive     Interrupt 286, for device(s): 68157511-edge mlx4-71@0000:82:00.0
68157512-edge mlx4-72@0000:82:00.0 i287 derive     Interrupt 287, for device(s): 68157512-edge mlx4-72@0000:82:00.0
68157513-edge mlx4-73@0000:82:00.0 i288 derive     Interrupt 288, for device(s): 68157513-edge mlx4-73@0000:82:00.0
68157514-edge mlx4-74@0000:82:00.0 i289 derive     Interrupt 289, for device(s): 68157514-edge mlx4-74@0000:82:00.0
68157515-edge mlx4-75@0000:82:00.0 i290 derive     Interrupt 290, for device(s): 68157515-edge mlx4-75@0000:82:00.0
68157516-edge mlx4-76@0000:82:00.0 i291 derive     Interrupt 291, for device(s): 68157516-edge mlx4-76@0000:82:00.0
68157517-edge mlx4-77@0000:82:00.0 i292 derive     Interrupt 292, for device(s): 68157517-edge mlx4-77@0000:82:00.0
68157518-edge mlx4-78@0000:82:00.0 i293 derive     Interrupt 293, for device(s): 68157518-edge mlx4-78@0000:82:00.0
68157519-edge mlx4-79@0000:82:00.0 i294 derive     Interrupt 294, for device(s): 68157519-edge mlx4-79@0000:82:00.0
68157520-edge mlx4-80@0000:82:00.0 i295 derive     Interrupt 295, for device(s): 68157520-edge mlx4-80@0000:82:00.0
68157521-edge mlx4-81@0000:82:00.0 i296 derive     Interrupt 296, for device(s): 68157521-edge mlx4-81@0000:82:00.0
68157522-edge mlx4-82@0000:82:00.0 i297 derive     Interrupt 297, for device(s): 68157522-edge mlx4-82@0000:82:00.0
68157523-edge mlx4-83@0000:82:00.0 i298 derive     Interrupt 298, for device(s): 68157523-edge mlx4-83@0000:82:00.0
68157524-edge mlx4-84@0000:82:00.0 i299 derive     Interrupt 299, for device(s): 68157524-edge mlx4-84@0000:82:00.0
68157525-edge mlx4-85@0000:82:00.0 i300 derive     Interrupt 300, for device(s): 68157525-edge mlx4-85@0000:82:00.0
68157526-edge mlx4-86@0000:82:00.0 i301 derive     Interrupt 301, for device(s): 68157526-edge mlx4-86@0000:82:00.0
68157527-edge mlx4-87@0000:82:00.0 i302 derive     Interrupt 302, for device(s): 68157527-edge mlx4-87@0000:82:00.0
68157528-edge mlx4-88@0000:82:00.0 i303 derive     Interrupt 303, for device(s): 68157528-edge mlx4-88@0000:82:00.0
68157529-edge mlx4-89@0000:82:00.0 i304 derive     Interrupt 304, for device(s): 68157529-edge mlx4-89@0000:82:00.0
68157530-edge mlx4-90@0000:82:00.0 i305 derive     Interrupt 305, for device(s): 68157530-edge mlx4-90@0000:82:00.0
68157531-edge mlx4-91@0000:82:00.0 i306 derive     Interrupt 306, for device(s): 68157531-edge mlx4-91@0000:82:00.0
68157532-edge mlx4-92@0000:82:00.0 i307 derive     Interrupt 307, for device(s): 68157532-edge mlx4-92@0000:82:00.0
68157533-edge mlx4-93@0000:82:00.0 i308 derive     Interrupt 308, for device(s): 68157533-edge mlx4-93@0000:82:00.0
68157534-edge mlx4-94@0000:82:00.0 i309 derive     Interrupt 309, for device(s): 68157534-edge mlx4-94@0000:82:00.0
68157535-edge mlx4-95@0000:82:00.0 i310 derive     Interrupt 310, for device(s): 68157535-edge mlx4-95@0000:82:00.0
68157536-edge mlx4-96@0000:82:00.0 i311 derive     Interrupt 311, for device(s): 68157536-edge mlx4-96@0000:82:00.0
65536-edge ioat-msix i313 derive     Interrupt 313, for device(s): 65536-edge ioat-msix
67584-edge ioat-msix i315 derive     Interrupt 315, for device(s): 67584-edge ioat-msix
69632-edge ioat-msix i316 derive     Interrupt 316, for device(s): 69632-edge ioat-msix
71680-edge ioat-msix i317 derive     Interrupt 317, for device(s): 71680-edge ioat-msix
73728-edge ioat-msix i318 derive     Interrupt 318, for device(s): 73728-edge ioat-msix
75776-edge ioat-msix i319 derive     Interrupt 319, for device(s): 75776-edge ioat-msix
77824-edge ioat-msix i320 derive     Interrupt 320, for device(s): 77824-edge ioat-msix
79872-edge ioat-msix i321 derive     Interrupt 321, for device(s): 79872-edge ioat-msix
67174400-edge ioat-msix i323 derive     Interrupt 323, for device(s): 67174400-edge ioat-msix
67176448-edge ioat-msix i325 derive     Interrupt 325, for device(s): 67176448-edge ioat-msix
67178496-edge ioat-msix i326 derive     Interrupt 326, for device(s): 67178496-edge ioat-msix
67180544-edge ioat-msix i327 derive     Interrupt 327, for device(s): 67180544-edge ioat-msix
67182592-edge ioat-msix i328 derive     Interrupt 328, for device(s): 67182592-edge ioat-msix
67184640-edge ioat-msix i329 derive     Interrupt 329, for device(s): 67184640-edge ioat-msix
67186688-edge ioat-msix i330 derive     Interrupt 330, for device(s): 67186688-edge ioat-msix
67188736-edge ioat-msix i331 derive     Interrupt 331, for device(s): 67188736-edge ioat-msix
Non-maskable interrupts iNMI derive     Interrupt NMI, for device(s): Non-maskable interrupts
Local timer interrupts iLOC derive     Interrupt LOC, for device(s): Local timer interrupts
Spurious interrupts iSPU derive     Interrupt SPU, for device(s): Spurious interrupts
Performance monitoring interrupts iPMI derive     Interrupt PMI, for device(s): Performance monitoring interrupts
IRQ work interrupts iIWI derive     Interrupt IWI, for device(s): IRQ work interrupts
APIC ICR read retries iRTR derive     Interrupt RTR, for device(s): APIC ICR read retries
Rescheduling interrupts iRES derive     Interrupt RES, for device(s): Rescheduling interrupts
Function call interrupts iCAL derive     Interrupt CAL, for device(s): Function call interrupts
TLB shootdowns iTLB derive     Interrupt TLB, for device(s): TLB shootdowns
Thermal event interrupts iTRM derive     Interrupt TRM, for device(s): Thermal event interrupts
Threshold APIC interrupts iTHR derive     Interrupt THR, for device(s): Threshold APIC interrupts
Deferred Error APIC interrupts iDFR derive     Interrupt DFR, for device(s): Deferred Error APIC interrupts
Machine check exceptions iMCE derive     Interrupt MCE, for device(s): Machine check exceptions
Machine check polls iMCP derive     Interrupt MCP, for device(s): Machine check polls
ERR iERR derive      
MIS iMIS derive      
Posted-interrupt notification event iPIN derive     Interrupt PIN, for device(s): Posted-interrupt notification event
Nested posted-interrupt event iNPI derive     Interrupt NPI, for device(s): Nested posted-interrupt event
Posted-interrupt wakeup event iPIW derive     Interrupt PIW, for device(s): Posted-interrupt wakeup event